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Chapel Sermon
Sarah Gaventa preaches on living in a beloved community when all members do not see eye to eye. The Scripture readings were Romans 14:1-12 and Matthew 18:21-35.

Gentiles and Tax Collectors
Margaret Aymer preaches on the the challenges of living in a beloved community. The Scripture reading was Matthew 18:15-20.

Recovering Our Cutting Edge
President Irizarry preaches during opening worship for the 2023-2024 academic year.

For Times Such as These
Guest preacher Daisy L. Machado issues a call to action in this chapel sermon delivered during the Teaching the Borderlands Conference. The Scripture reading was Esther 4:10-17.

Chapel Sermon
David White preaches on the ability of humor to change one's perspective. The Scripture readings were Psalm 16 and John 20:19-31.

The Companions
For the first chapel after Easter, Melissa Wiginton ponders who she would have been if she been among those walking to Emmaus. The Scripture reading was Luke 24:32-33.

Maundy Thursday
Dave Jensen preaches on Maundy Thursday, calling us to peace, love, and humanization of those who we would regard as "other," or enemies. The Scripture reading was John 13:1-35.

Raising Lazarus Times Three
Timothy Lincoln considers the story of Lazarus from three different perspectives. The Scripture reading was John 11:1-45.

So Unlikely
Andrew Zirschky preaches on God's tendency to choose the underdog to bring grace into the world .

The Touch that Drives Away Fear
Phil Helsel preaches on the importance of human contact in pastoral care. The scripture reading was Matthew 17:1-9.
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