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Fruitfulness and Barrenness
Dave Jensen preaches on the stories of fertility and barrenness in the bible, calling out their misapplications and instead focusing on the life and death of Jesus as the ultimate act of solidarity with those who grieve. Genesis 17:1-7; 15-16 and…

Chapel Sermon
Rodney Caruthers uses the Parable of the Sower to generate three questions to examine how we should live a fruitful life . The Scripture reading was Luke 8:11-15.

Reimagining Crumbling Structures
Drawing from Jesus' prediction of the destruction of the Second Temple, João Chaves calls for hopeful reimagination in our current moment of change. The Scripture reading was Luke 21:5-19.

Then He Went Home
What does it mean to be home? To have a home? To leave your home? Donghyun Jeong preaches on the meaning of home on the context of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Scripture reading was Mark 3:19b-35

Día de los Muertos and All Saint's Day Sermon
God has made a new people out of jews and gentiles, out of every nation under heaven, the dead and the living, to live in communion with one another, with God, and with the rest of creation. The Scripture readings were Ephesians 1:11-23 and Luke…

Creating Preferred Futures with Solution Focused Brief Therapy
For the 2022 Heyer Lecture Cynthia Franklin lectures on how solution-focused brief therapy techniques can be implemented to focus on desired goals rather than existing problems.

Feeling Unseen
Gregory Cuéllar preaches from the story of Sarai and her servant Hagar in Genesis 16 and points out ways in which we also fail to see the humanity and suffering of others.

Breaking Open, Being Known
Bobbi Kaye Jones preaches on breaking out as remedy to the brokenness of the world. that the The Scripture reading was Luke 24:28-36.

Go Back
Preaching on Elijah's flight into the wilderness, Cindy Rigby reflects on why the bible records so stories of shame and embarrassment. The Scripture reading was 1 Kings 19:1-18.

Chapel Sermon
Margaret Aymer likens the parables of the missing to the movie Encanto and preaches on what it means to be lost and found. The Scripture reading was Luke 15:1-10.
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