Insights: The Faculty Journal of Austin Seminary


Insights: The Faculty Journal of Austin Seminary


Published each spring and fall.

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Insights Vol.133, No.2 (Spring 2018)
Issue focus: Honoring Professor Lewis Donelson

Insights Vol.133, No. 1 (Fall 2017)
Issue focus: The Gift of the Multiethnic Church

Insights Vol.132, No.2 (Spring 2017)
Issue focus: Interpreting Whitness

Insights Vol.132, No.1 (Fall 2016)
Issue focus: The Migrant People of God

Insights Vol.131, No.2 (Spring 2016)
Issue focus: Aging and Spirituality

Insights Vol.131, No.1 (Fall 2015)
Issue focus: Outposts of Wonder in Theological Education

Insights Vol.130, No.2 (Spring 2015)
Issue focus: Honoring Professor John Alsup

Insights Vol.130, No.1 (Fall  2014)
Issue focus: The Crisis of Incarceration

Insights Vol.129, No.2 (Spring 2014)
Issue focus: Crossings

Insights Vol.129, No. 1 (Fall 2013)
Issue focus: Identity and Interpretation
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