2020 MidWinters


2020 MidWinters


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary's 2020 Midwinter lectures.

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The Birth of Mary
For this second MidWinter sermon, Keatan King reflects on what it means to carry the Word of God. The Scripture reading was Luke 1:45-55.

There is a Balm: A Ministry with Humanity
In this third and final Currie Lecture of MidWinters 2020, Luke Powery builds on his previous talks in order to offer thoughts on race and ministry.

Paul on the Brink: Why I Read Karl Barth On Romans
Beverly Gaventa shares her ruminations on Barth's monograph "On Romans" in this second Jones lecture of 2020.

The Power of Story to Open Conversation
In this second Westervelt lecture of MidWinters 2020, Robert Schnase shows the ways in which storytelling can open a liminal space for discussing complex issues.

Every time I Feel the Spirit: A Pneumatology for Particularity
Luke Powery challenges us to think of anti-blackness as fundamentally anti-spirit, and therefore an assault on God in this second Currie Lecture of MidWinters 2020.

Romans 13 in America 2020
In this first Jones lecture of 2020 Beverly Gaventa discusses how we should respond to Paul's call to obey the governing authorities.

Becoming Uncomfortable as a Spiritual Discipline
First Westervelt lecture of 2020. Bishop Schnase discusses on the importance of crossing borders in order to follow Jesus.

Many Thousand Gone: A Perpetual History of Inhumanity
In this first Currie Lecture of 2020, Luke Powery recounts the dehumanizing, anti-black body, anti-flesh Christian legacy the church needs to wrestle with.

The Consultation
Keatan King preaches on spiritual curiosity during the opening worship service for the 2020 MidWinter Lectures. The scripture reading was Luke 1:26-38.
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