Cultivating Ideas


Cultivating Ideas


Cultivating Ideas is a webinar series featuring some of the most compelling, fresh ideas from Austin Seminary’s faculty. Faculty share ideas and insights they have been cultivating in teaching, writing, and ministry. Come, gather seeds of scholarship to grow in your own church and community.

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Resacralizing the Other at the US-Mexico Border
We will talk about the way the sacred is weaponized by elite powers to shape social reality, the way it grants permanence to the negating of the inherent sacred worth of the black and brown bodies of those approaching or crossing the border, while…

Trauma-Informed Faith Formation
Current events are urging churches and religious leaders to respond intentionally and thoughtfully to trauma and traumatic events. What is trauma? How does trauma affect congregations? What is trauma-informed faith formation? What practices can help…

Euro-American Christianity and Indigenous Suffering:  Are we Diseased?
Euro-American expressions of Christianity have caused a great deal of harm towards indigenous peoples, including genocide and erasure. This webinar will explore and reflect on the harm done to indigenous communities that continues to affect them. We…

Commiserations and Commitment: Conversations with Alumni from the Road
In the Fall of 2023 Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones made in-person, pastoral visits with several of our former students who “graduated” during Covid early days, as well as some who started seminary while we were only online. Certainly their experience of…

Queering Theology: Gender Trouble and Christian Faith
Controversies over gender identity are routinely in the headlines these days. But these controversies are hardly new to Christian faith. This webinar explores how some early Christian perspectives on gender disrupted dominant cultural assumptions…

The Passion of Torah is the passion of Jesus is the Passion of Lent: a philosophical meditation upon Deuteronomy 26:1-13
In numerous books and essays Professor Greenway, inspired above all by the Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, has argued for a post-secular affirmation of moral realism grounded in the passion of agape. This presentation, taken from his newest…

Songs along the way: Music and the Lenten Journey
We explore ways that music goes with us in Lent. How do songs help us listen in this season and carry wisdom with us?

Making the Most of the Font
What does it mean to say that the church is a community of the baptized?
How have you seen your baptismal identity guiding you at different stages of your life?
Can you give examples of how the church’s baptismal spirituality is connected to…

The Kingdom in Parables
Parables are a prominent part of Jesus of Nazareth’s teaching in the New Testament. The Synoptic Gospels feature some of the most famous parables, such as the Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan. The disciples ask Jesus a question that is also…

Who was the Ethiopian Eunuch?
In Acts 8, we read about an Ethiopian eunuch, an unnamed pilgrim to Jerusalem who appears in Luke’s story of the church, and then disappears after an encounter with Philip. Who was the Ethiopian eunuch, and how does his role fit into the story of…
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