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2023-11-21 Chapel Awakening to Christ’s Presence (Helsel, Phil).mp4
Description: Phil Helsel preaches on the importance of paying attention to the presence of God. The Scripture reading was 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.
Creator: Helsel, Philip Browning
Date: 2023-11-21
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Melissa Wiginton.mp4
Description: Dr. Robert Emmons says, “Gratitude is not just a switch to turn on when things go well; it is also a light that shines in the darkness.” Psychologists have proven the health and wellness benefits of being grateful. In this webinar, we dig deeper into…
Creator: Wiginton, Melissa, 1958-
Date: 2023-11-16
Type: Moving Image

2023-11-14 Chapel Questions (Jones, Bobbi-Kaye).mp4
Description: Bobbi Kaye Jones preaches on Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-16.
Creator: Jones, Bobbi Kaye
Date: 2023-11-14
Type: Moving Image

2023-11-07 Chapel through you all people shall be blessed (Greenway, William).mp4
Description: Bill Greenway calls for us to be motivated by the good of all people, and highlights the disastrous outcomes that result from succumbing to vengeance. The Scripture readings were Joshua 3:7-11, 13 and Michah 3:5-10, 12.
Creator: Greenway, William, 1963-
Date: 2023-11-07
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Rev Dr Sarah Allen.mp4
Description: Taking a cue from "The Lazy Genius", Kendra Adachi, we focus on naming what matters most in our ministry context when it comes to faith formation so that we can create ministries that support the needs of our particular congregations and form…
Creator: Allen, Sarah
Date: 2023-11-02
Type: Moving Image

2023-10-31 chapel Vamos (Silvia, Crystal).mp4
Description: The Scripture reading was Deuteronomy 34: 1-12.
Creator: Silvia-McCormick, Crystal
Date: 2023-10-31
Type: Moving Image

Description: Issue focus: African American Spritualities

Date: 2023
Type: Text

Description: Issue focus: Honoring Professor Paul Hooker

Date: 2022
Type: Text

Description: Issue focus: Honoring Professor David Johnson

Date: 2022
Type: Text

Description: Issue focus: Beauty in the Church's Mission

Date: 2021
Type: Text
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